Saturday, the 12th of March recorded a  misfortune for the residents of No 11 Kenyatta street, Uwani Enugu. While the citizens of Nigeria are lamenting over the economic hardship and toil, issues have jumped out of frying pan into fire for the victims
of fire explosion that rendered the tenants of an off-white one-storey building homeless as their residential building is destroyed beyond recognition and without any meaningful asset recovered.

A large crowd of people including passers-by and residents around the neighborhood gathered at the scene of fire outbreak exploring all avenues to quench the strength of the blazing fire but all their efforts proved abortive. Meanwhile, some onlookers were making calls to inform the Enugu state Fire Service about the outbreak while some others were grumbling and expressing distraught about the tragic occurrence.

About Fifty minutes into the fire explosion, the Enugu State Fire Service arrived and started extinguishing the fire to ameliorate the situation. However, the fire was reportedly said to have started around 1:30pm and was caused by the sparkling of an electric wire connection. Meanwhile, no life is lost but no meaningful property is saved.

Please, the Enugu state government and some privileged Nigerians should help these people who are rendered homeless due to fire outbreak.