Etisalat: Apply Now for the 2016 Etisalat Photography Competition

As part of its agenda in supporting creativity and innovation, Etisalat, one of Nigeria’s top network providers has unveiled the 2016 Etisalat Photograhy Competition. The Lagosphoto which teams up with Etisalat in the image of Etisalat Lagosphoto photography competition is inviting submissions from photographers across the globe as it voices on shaping an African identity and sensibility via repetition, rituals and performance in photography.

Images of Photographer (Etisalat)
LagosPhoto was launched in 2010. For the record, LagosPhoto is the first and only international arts festival of photography in Nigeria. It’s objective is to reclaim public spaces and engage the public in general with multifaceted stories of Africa. Each year it kicks off its arts festival of photography, events like artist presentations, workshops, discussions and exhibitions are displayed throughout the city.

Etisalat Photography Competition as talent developers was established as a platform to engage and empower up-and-coming photographers using the power of digital media; online, social and mobile. Each year of the competition, a theme is created and submissions are received within a specified time frame. Votes for images are left in the hands of the public and top fifty (50) images are reviewed by our panel of judges. Winners are recognized and rewarded with prizes as lucky finalists are showcase at the Lagos Photo Festival.

Eligibility for the 2016 Etisalat Photography Competition

Entry Rules are:

  • Images should depict the theme
  • Participants are permitted multiple entries exploring daily routines as well celebratory activities
  • Images must be a JPEG file. Cropping/editing through different photo editing programmes/applications is acceptable
  • Images must not have inappropriate subject matter
  • Images which are not submitted in the manner mentioned above will be disqualified from the competition
  • Etisalat and LagosPhoto preserve exclusive usage rights of images that are submitted to this competition
  • Artistic creativity is very much desired

Eligible Groups for the 2016 Etisalat Photography Competition

African Citizens (and other) countries

Contest Theme for the 2016 Etisalat Photography Competition

The 2016 theme is tagged Performance
Action repeated regularly becomes a ritual and its transference into other spaces of engagement becomes a performance. In every preceding choice of action is an intrinsic risk. Charging the shutter, adjusting the lens and capturing the moment are movements that are considered as the rituals of photographers. However, beyond these periphery and apparent acts and interpretations, we desire to further discover these performances via the categories of ‘Daily Routines’ and ‘Celebratory’. Through these two categories, we are optimistic of visualizing the strength of photography in portraying our daily and celebratory activities and expressions.

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Contest Categories for the 2016 Etisalat Photography Competition

The theme of Performance is in two categories:

  • Daily Routines: These are activities that are steady and significant either at our work place, parks, schools, markets, homes, mall, etc. They are activities carried out by us as persons on our daily basis. These varieties of activity are performances. Therefore, capture the moment and submit enthusiastic shots that can be tagged as daily routines
  • Celebratory: This includes performances which represent celebratory human happenings and emotions across different facets of life. Capture the moments and share the expressions.

Method of Application for the 2016 Etisalat Photography Competition

All the interested applicants are to submit their pictures as we search the most thrilling pictures that depict the 2016 theme, PERFORMANCE. The panel of judges consists of selected members from the community of photography and other creative individuals,

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Number of Awards

After public voting, top 50 images which will be selected for each category will be reviewed by the jury to get a shortlist of top 5 per category. The top three (3) finalists will be awarded with prizes.

Scholarship Benefits
Images/photos from the shortlisted photographers will be displayed at the grand opening of the 2016 LagosPhoto Festival and all through the festival. The shortlisted photographers will as well be enrolled at LagosPhoto Summer School.

Contest Prizes are:

  • 1st Prize (Grand Prize): Canon Camera
  • 2nd Prize (1st Runner Up): iPhone
  • 3rd Prize (2nd Runner UP): Samsung Phone

Deadline for the 2016 Etisalat Photography Competition

The submission of photos starts on the 11th of August, 2016 to close on the 11th of September, 2016
Please note that public voting opens September 12th to September 25th 2016.

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