Mile 12 Area of Lagos witnessed an inter-ethnic conflict that claimed the lives of about six people, scores of others injured, properties destroyed and a close by school set ablaze.

It was reported that the raging conflict happened in the market area of Mile 12. Reports revealed that the intense altercation ensued when a motorcyclist ran into a one-way route and hit a trader in the market which inflicted injury on her. However, the motorcyclist didn’t show compassion to take the trader to a nearby hospital for medical treatment and efforts to get him do so proved abortive. It was gathered that the motorcyclist is an Hausa man while the trader is a Yoruba woman.

Later after the group of Yoruba people saw the obstinate and standoffish attitude of the motorcyclist to take their sister to the hospital, they left, discussed about the situation and came back with a united mind and started shouting war song.

Like what seemed to be a drama, a fierce brawl erupted like a volcano between the Hausa and Yoruba people there leading to serious infliction of injuries on lives, vandalizing of properties and death, etc. The fracas was reported to have spilled into neighboring Ikorodu, Owode and Ketu which caused a heavy traffic snarl.

Meanwhile security agents led by the Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni have restored peace in that area, arrested suspects and temporarily shut down the market in other to resolve the conflict.