Enugu Wake Up And Fight The Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen

In view of the outrageous attacks on the people of Enugu who reside in the rural area by the Fulani herdsmen, Adaobi Ogbanufe saddened by the tormentous development raises alarm over the cruel invasion and delivers a sensitive message to the entire people of Enugu state through her thought-provoking rap genre of music and touching write-up.

Enugu Wake Up

She titles her rap; Enugu Is In Big Mess and her write-up; Enugu, Enough Is Enough.

While her rap music is mixed up with English and Igbo languages, her write-up is written with English language as accurate interpretations are provided to where she used Igbo language in a proverb. Read below:

Enugu Is A Big Mess

Kuru my rap bata na street
B’cos the condition of things adiro sweet
This time around, you see I’m not hungry
If you take a look at my face, you know I’m very angry

They came with their cattle from the northern state
Targeted and penetrated the eastern state
Enugu in the east is precisely the state
We gave them our land free to graze in our state

But what we get in return is nothing but detest
As if we are in contest
Yet Enugu is chilling not wanting to protest

Like joke like joke
The killings gradually began to evoke
Now it is invoke
Enugu is still flexing as if they are under a yoke
What a heck! ‘This is why I provoke’

Enugu can brag that they have men
Now they’re maimed by the ordinary Fulani herdsmen
The so-called men akwana n’asuzi yomen
I just wonder whether Enugu men are mmee or men

Eziokwu Enugu a maghi ihe ha n’eme
Easy life, I wanna I gonna, o bu so ihe ha ma eme
Ana ekwu na ajo ihe n’eme
Yet, ha n’eme ka o nweghi ihe n’eme

The governor has not learnt from Ekiti Ayo Fayose
That’s why ndi Fulani ka ji agba ha ose
Enugu is damn too tame
Still looking for whom to blame
What a big shame


Enugu, It Is Enough

The cruelty in the maiming and killings of lives of Enugu state inhabitants who have the hinterlands as their indwelling is a sensitive matter unnecessarily treated with worst of indifference.

Fought so hard to suppress voicing my mind regarding how the innocent lives were butchered and thwarted but it became a burden too heavy for my small mind to carry and munch alone.

I decided to pour out my heart because I am afraid. Yes, afraid! Afraid, that it might happen again. You may wonder why I’m helplessly pessimistic. The cold hands with which Enugu state government is still caressing the issue portends another potential ineluctable and vicious killings by the disguised Fulani herdsmen.

The Igbos will say, “onye kpo rubba ya mkpokoro, agbata obi ya e nwere kporo ahihia” which means when you call your bucket a waste bin, your neighbour will use it for clearing refuse or use it as a trash can.

Let’s call a spade by it’s name. His Excellency, the Enugu state goverment with all due respect has not done the needful to lay this matter to rest! Their docility and silence to met out punishment to these Fulani carnivores in human skin have given them the freedom to continue with the ritual of destroying properties as well as tormenting and killing the lives of Enugu people.

An Igbo proverb says, “agwo e meghi ihe oji buru agwo, umu agbogho e nwere kee nku” which implies that when a snake refuses to act like a snake, the ladies will use it to tie firewood.

I see how Ayo Fayose rose to action to protect the lives and properties of his people from those bloodsuckers of Fulani herdsmen and I begin to wish the Easterners had him as one of our governors.

He took the bull by the horn when he saw the obvious nonchalance and ineptitude of the Federal Government and secured the lives of his people. Today, I dare any Fulani herdsman (be him President Buhari’s brother or only child) to tread an inch close to Ekiti state and see whether he would never return alive.

That is a leader and this is what we expect his Excellency, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Enugu state government to do. Take a leaf from Ayo Fayose and end this menace because it is a big slight on the people of Enugu. This is NOT a time to to sit and attract pity party or trade blame with either the Federal Government or the Fulani herdsmen. This is a time for action! Place those saboteurs mystified as Fulani herdsmen in the dungeon where they rightly belong. Act like the “Gburu Gburu” you’re called.

The gory pictures that greeted my eyes across the media platforms were tears provoking and heartrending. I was too sad and depressed for speech, too disturbed and grieved to sleep. I knew my heart literally bled because they were tortured and killed like slaves in their own land.

This is enough Ndi Enugu…May this not happen again. Enugu, you’re man enough to handle this issue like the people of Ekiti. And now we have entered Mber month, you must ensure that this attack never occurs again. God bless Enugu people and endow them with the wit and wisdom to fight against this inhumane terrorism. It must not continue!