ENUGU KILLING: Igbo Leaders Should Take Action And Stop Behaving Cowardly Over The Massacre Of Enugu People By Fulani Herdsmen

It is insulting how our Igbo political leaders allow their continued silence over some sorts of national torture to speak louder than their actions. Their outright nonchalance and unpalatable complacency over the superior attitude imposed on them by the APC administration is rather perturbing and pitiable.

It is too bad how Igbo leaders fold their arms and watch heinous and degrading activities gradually become a tradition in their land yet they are comfortable with it. Sorry to say, Igbos have political leaders who are bunch of cowards; they implore national peace when they should demand immediate impunity on any ruthless group who tampers with the lives and properties of their followers. It is injurious to the heart how most Igbo leaders say ‘Thank You’ with their attitudes of disinterest to calamitous crimes meted out on their people. The so-believed Fulani Herdsmen invasion in the Eastern region is not a recent occurrence.
It long began with their cattle grazing our farmlands to death and their Herdsmen butchering the lives of our people in the hinterlands like the cows they slaughter for ‘suya’. They started their attack small and when they realized how ‘I-don’t-care’ our Igbo leaders are towards their penetration, they went, restrategized, totally dismantled our loose security and hit Nimbo people of Enugu state so hard with their death plan.
However, it is unfortunate Igbos have dumb leaders and leaders who only resort to too much talk than actions in the national assembly. I won’t be surprise if no action is taken to quench the violence of Fulani Herdsmen invasion because our leaders cherish their comfort more than our lives.
Something must be done to appease the hearts of dead victims! And prayer and fasting are not the things to be done. It is punishment to those who invaded them in their lands and maimed them to their early grave. It is taking a drastic measure to prevent another gory scene from happening. It is stopping these herdsmen entirely from coming into our region to graze their cows. They have overstayed their welcome! We must not talk peace because these Fulanis will do the worst.
Enough is just enough!

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