The phenomenon, poverty is as aged as man. It is a state of being extremely poor and it occurs when the income level is below the poverty line. Poverty line is the minimum level of income required to secure the fundamental necessities of human life. Internationally,
poverty line is equivalent to US $1 per day. Premise on this little illustration, poverty erupts when an individual is unable to earn income equal to US $1 each day, hence leading to lack of basic requirements of life like food, shelter, clothing, etc.
Unarguably, poverty is a problem which exceeds beyond the elastic limit. In other words, it overshoots beyond the margin of normality or acceptability. Therefore, I believe that poverty is not a fact of life and human nature because it does not even attest to the scripture in the book of Deuteronomy 15:11 which says, “There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore, I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.” A critical and meticulous scrutiny of this scriptural verse apparently indicates that God only promised the existence of poor(poverty). The perception of this fact makes it possible for the utter emancipation of people under the captivity of poverty. Indeed, I have no nag of doubt that poverty can be totally obliterated from the face of the world and the following irrefutably justify how to create the world without poverty.
1. Sufficient Agricultural Production: When commercial and mechanized system of farming are effectively championed and afforestation becomes deep-seated in the world, definitely food, clothing, etc become available to those who libe in straiten circumstance thereby affranchising them from the servitude of poverty.
2. Quality Education: Valuable and free education should be provided to thosw who are poverty-stricken. This helps to imbue essential skills and knowledge into the fabrics of their lives, hence giving them access to create concepts that project them to the podium of wealth.
3. Adequate Employment: When ample and reasonable job opportunities are provided for the destitute, it prevents them from being predisposed to the crimes that expose them more to poverty if caught. These reasonable means of livelihood upgrade their living standard and erases their nomenclature from the book of poverty.
4. Technological Advancement: The more the poverty-ridden individuals are exposed to the fast pace of technological advancement, the more the wind of civilization blows them, hence making them picture affluence and nullifying the mentality of poverty.
5. Reduction of Tax: Those who live below poverty line should pay little or no tax. This can metamorphosize them from the domain of poverty to the palace of wealth and quality living.
6. High Income Rate: This is a good alternative means of eroding poverty from the surface of the world. A research I carried out shows that those under the yoke of poverty receive menial remuneration because they are like beggars that have no choice and this income is too infinitesimal compared to the energy and time expended. When their incomes are raised, poverty is counteracted.
7. Encourage Privitization: When free market system and capitalism which is the privatization of trades and business enterprises are encouraged, it reduces the exorbitant cost of goods and services and provides a way out from the dungeon of poverty.
8. Discourage overpopulation: Massive population heightens the negative effect of poverty because it creates shortage of resources. Therefore, public enlightenment campaign should be organized in view of encouraging moderate population because of its antagonistic effect on poverty.
9. Infrastructural Facilities: Provision of durable and life giving infrastructures to ghetto areas and in the hinterlands will go a long way in exterminating poverty.
10. Encourage Tourism:  Most beautiful and lucrative tourist sites are located n the domain of those swallowed by poverty. When outsiders are encouraged to have their recreational activities there, it earns them staggering sum of money and bring sterling growth that makes poverty null and void.
11. Good Health Structures: Adequate and good health structures and facilities should be made easily accessible to those in the bondage of poverty. This marks the culmination of their health challenges and fills in the holes of poverty in their lives because health is wealth.
12. Prevent Environmental Degradation: A salubrious and conducive environment enable individuals to be insusceptible to lethal substances that render them extremely poor. Therefore, sanitation excretes poverty from the body of the world.
13. Affordable Housing: When enough good and affordable or free structures are provided for the necessitous individuals, they migrate from being inhabitants of impoverished vicinities to being occupants of Paradise on earth. This drifts them from poverty and makes them reason opulently.
14. Good Governance: This brings chain transformation, impacts the extremely poor with a sense of dignity and affection, imbues them with joy, humour and vigour. It increases their life span and bring poverty to an utter end.
A world without poverty is like heaven on earth. It is worth dreaming of and nothing quenches my cravings for it. It is best experienced than imagined but its imagination is the starting point of its actualization. I therefore, encourage the world government not to relinquish in its fight against poverty  because there is need that it meets its waterloo. Winning the war aginst poverty is an achievement that will benefit all and sundry.