Dr. Livinus Nosike, a Petroleum Expert Releases His Book, “The Overview of the Petroleum Industry”

Every Tom, Dick and Harry including scholars frown and are taken aback at the squalid state of Nigerian system even though Nigeria can boast of plenitudine of oil wells capable of making her a citadel of economic boom but it’s unfortunate that the reverse is the case.

The Overview of the Petroleum Industry

Oil itself is not a bane to the Nigerian society. It’s only that the way it’s mismanaged and under controlled by individuals at the helm of leadership affairs has made it look as though it’s a bale.

As a matter of fact, Nigeria is blessed to have such a rare natural endowment that has shot us to the top list of Oil-producing nations in Africa and has attracted us a level of dignity from the global community.

It is due to the enormous problems in the Petroleum Industry and the relevance of knowledge of the nuts and bolts of petroleum that precipitated the authorship of the book, “The Overview of the Petroleum Industry” by Dr. Livinus Nosike, a seasoned Expert in the Oil and Gas sector.

The book has a deep well of comprehensive knowledge and information written in a comprehensible manner to bring a seismic shift and resolve the challenges in the Petroleum Industry.

‘The Overview of the Petroleum’ Industry really worth the read.

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Overview of the Petroleum Industry


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