Destyni Tyree, a 16-Year-old Homeless High School Student graduates Two Years Early with College Scholarship

Destyni Tyree, a 16 years old Resilient Washington, DC resident who lives in a homeless shelter with her mum overcame daring odds to graduate from high school two years ahead of schedule with an excellent 4.0 grade point average and also an academic scholarship to college. Her outstanding performance is one of its kinds. She had not allowed her family background to thwart her academic success.

Destyni Tyree

Against their wish, Destyni Tyree and her family were subjected by condition to live in a homeless shelter after her mother lost her job some years ago. Determined to survive the situation and live better, Destyni overlooked her background, worked hard and her relentless labour has paid her hugely with academic success and recognition.

Destyni Tyree looked beyond her unfortunate circumstance and used it as a spring board to arrive to her peak of success. She told NBC 4 Washington that she didn’t want to live in their homeless shelter when she became older. She further stated that she wanted to better her life and that was why she had the drive to perform greatly.

She had succeeded with the extraordinary support of her mother and the principal of her school as she worked hard to meet and exceed her goal of graduating two years early.

Destyni Tyree will be attending Potomac State University later in the year. However, she is saving some money in order to cater for her additional educational expenses like the cost of books which are not covered in her scholarship.
According to her mother, she is very proud of the achievement of Destyni