The shock Striker Ibrahimovic Zlatan of Paris Saint-German sent down to the spine of Chelsea at Stanford Bridge was such that Chelsea cannot recover quickly from. The mud of defeat Chelsea was hauled into in their home was tetchy and a bombshell to
football fans especially those hopeful on Chelsea’s side. PSG subjected them through an ordeal too embarrassing to recount.

Rabiot of PSG opened the match with a goal at the 16 minutes of the first match. At 27 minutes, Diego Coast of Chelsea equalized to close up the gap. In the 67 minutes play of the second half, Zlatan Ibrahimovic hit it terribly at Chelsea with a goal. PSG beat them like lesser Champions and finally shattered their hope with a deserved defeat.

The French Champion, PSG was too hot for their English counterpart Chelsea to handle and PSG didn’t take chances to end their day in grief and regret and bad enough terminated their ticket to their championship journey. The match ended 2-1 against Chelsea. According to the English Premier League table, Chelsea has no ray of hope of qualifying for the champions league next year. Even the UEFA league may elude them if they do not beef up their game.
Photo Credit: Andrew Could ridge/Reuters