Cameroonian President’s daughter, Brenda Biya under Public Backlash after Releasing a Video of her Smoking

Brenda Anastasia Biya, the daughter of Paul Biya, the president of Cameroon has provoked people humming across the internet, expressing their utter disapproval of her indulgence in smoking and summoning the effrontery to share a video of herself smoking.

In the video, Brenda was shown puffing out a thick cloud of smoke from both her mouth and nostrils while she nodded in excitement to the music playing in the background.

The 18-year old Brenda has cornered public attention and eyes all to herself ever since her ‘wayward’ behavior linked in the public. Earlier last month, a similar video was released and it showed Brenda in company with her friends smoking. The video went viral and evoked waves of pandemonium online. 

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Cameroonians on social media have continued to lambast her, pouring out their rage on her. They described her behavior as unpalatable taking into consideration her societal family status.

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More Photos of Brenda Biya

Source: Cameroonian Online
Photo Credit: Brenda Anastasia Biya