Cambodian Woman Suffers Domestic Violence as her Nigerian husband beats her at a bar (Photos)

A Nigerian man well known by his nickname, Mikiward Migerin subjected his Cambodian wife to thorough beating in a public place. The incident happened on Thursday, 12th of May at a bar called Candy Bar situated in Psa Kandal Commune, Doun Penh District in Cambodia. The attack he unleashed on her left her with serious injury on her head.

 However, the beating would have been more severe if not for people who interrupted him. He was reported to the police while his wife was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.
Base on witnesses, the couple was spotted trekking along Psa Kandal1 Commune Street, Doun Penh district in Phnom Penh. As they arrived the Candy Bar, the Nigerian man hit his Cambodian wife on her head as blood started gushing out.
Meanwhile, the woman filed a complaint to the Psa Kandal Commune Police for help. The Nigerian man who is in his late 40’s was taken to immigration department for legal procedures.
Source: CEO