How To Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online|How You Can Recharge PHCN Prepaid meter

It is no longer new that Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) introduced the prepaid meter with the motive to replace the post-payment meter. But unfortunately since the idea of using the prepaid meter was introduced in Nigeria, more than 4 million Nigerians are still waiting for the prepayment meter.

PHCN Prepaid Meter

Sadly, three out of ten homes in Nigeria use the prepayment meter due to reasons which range from not knowing how to recharge it and other pathetic reasons. Having discovered some of these reasons, we decided to put up this post to show you how you can recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter through different ways. In addition to that, we will you through the process of purchasing Prepaid Meter Credit Online.

Ways of Recharging the PHCN Prepayment Meter:

  • Recharging your prepaid meter with pin code
  • Recharging your prepaid meter using smart card

How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter

Recharging your Prepayment Meter with Pin Code:

This is the payment for credit at the PHCN Office, at the bank or any other outlet authorized in Nigeria. Also, you can buy credit online. When you have bought your credit, load the credit into the electronic prepayment meter using your PIN Codes. This is an easy way of recharging PHCN Prepaid meter without difficulty.

The Pin codes can come in the form of either Scratch card or SMS. Then open the card door of your monitor unit. Carefully, insert your meter smart card, use the keypad on your monitor unit to enter the Pin Codes and press enter. You can use the navigation key as well as the delete key to edit the pin code if you make any mistake.

Recharging Your Prepayment Meter Using Smart Card:

Smart Card is another way of recharging PHCN Prepaid Meter. PHCN gives smart card to energy users. To use the smart card given to you by the PHCN Office, you have to configure the card first.

Once you configure your smart card, you can use it to recharge your prepaid meter. Yu can do this by taking your smart card to the PHCN to purchase the amount of credit you wish to have using the power vending machine.

How To Recharge PHCN Prepaid Meter Using Smart Card

First, you have to open the card door of your monitor unit and insert your smart card properly. You’ll see something like ‘-‘. It simply means that the credit loading is not complete. However, once your credit loading has been completed, the updated credit level will be displayed on your LCD screen.

How You Can Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

To buy the prepaid meter credit online is an easy thing to do. Simply follow the steps outlined below so as to complete and purchase Prepaid Meter Credit Online.

Steps To Buy Prepaid Meter Credit Online

  • Connect your internet enabled device like laptop, phone to the internet
  • Go to your bank official page or launch the mobile app
  • Login to your account
  • Click on ‘Pay Bills’
  • Click on ‘PHCN’
  • Type in the amount you are purchasing
  • Enter your meter number
  • Enter any Online Transaction Password (OTP) necessary
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Enter the correct number on your online transaction token

An email or SMS confirming your transaction will be sent to you. The meter token will either be forwarded to your email or phone number. Finally, load the token into your prepaid meter.