British Man apprehended at Vegas Said he wanted to Eliminate Donald Trump

A 20-year-old British young boy named Micheal Steven Sandford has been arrested. Micheal Sandford who was arrested in Las at a Donald Trump rally told the Police that he attempted to snatch an officer’s gun so that he could murder Donald Trump, the billionaire Republican Presidential Candidate.

Micheal Steve SandfordMicheal Sandford, an Anti-Trump protester made his first appearance in court on Monday where he revealed going to Battlefield Vegas shooting range on Friday in order to learn how to shoot. According to him, he had fired 20 rounds from a 9mm Glock pistol so as to master its use.

His employee had confirmed that he provided shooting lesson to Micheal Sandford on Friday when Police detectives visited the range. The 20-year-old Micheal Steven Sandford who has UK’s driving licence was arrested on Saturday at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino after he went for a metro police officer’s gun.

Micheal Steve Sandford
Speaking to a Special agent, he said he was in the United States for about one and half year and resided in Hoboken, New Jersey, then drove in his car to the San Bernardino, California area before coming down to Las Vegas on the 16th June.

In accordance with Authorities, Sandford went to a Trump rally at Treasure Island Casino on Saturday, approached a Police detective at Las Vegas and demanded an autograph from Donald Trump. Report has it that Steve Sandford seized the handle of the officer’s gun in an obvious attempt to remove it. He was caught and arrested.

Micheal Steve Sandford
Steve Sandford disclosed to the officers that he had been planning to assassinate for about a year now and was convinced that he would die in the attempt. He added that as a backup, he reserved a ticket for a Trump rally in Phoenix which is scheduled for later in the day.