Biography of Agnes Ng’ang’a, The Girl Who Built Multi-Million Business In Six Months

Agnes Mulewa Ng’ang’a is a 22 year old Kenyan who built a multi-million business in six months. She is a Kenya’s entrepreneurial mogul who has brought the attention of the world to herself due to her outstanding

achievements in business enterprise. She is one of Kenya’s youngest and fastest rising entrepreneur whose is making waves in Kenyan entrepreneurial terrain.

Ng’ang’a is the Chief Executive Officer and Vision-bearer of International Brand Solutions(IBS), a research marketing company geared towards re-branding businesses  in order to meet the demand and its target audience.
The fair skinned Agnes grew up in an impoverished Kwangware In the suburb of Nairobi’s city centre. Though brought up in a low in-come home, it didn’t deter her from aiming high and achieving her dreams. However, Agnes Ng’ang’a’s parents divorced when she was at her kindergarten age leaving her with an option of growing up without a father-daughter relationship and been raised only by her mother but she dared her predicament, ventured into a well calculated risk in the line of business in order to make her future worthwhile. Today, Agnes Ng’ang’a is one of the youngest celebrated and acknowledged business figure in Kenya.

22 Year Old Agnes Ng’ang’a

As though she had investor’s blood running in her veins, Ng’ang’a started her business hustle way back at the age of seven years when she was in primary school. She began with selling of pencils and eggs to her classmates. After her primary education, she gained a scholarship in Ngara Girls High School in Nairobi, Kenya for her secondary education. Her business mindset of hers gave her the insight of becoming an entrepreneur. So far, Ng’ang’a’s International Brand Solution is worth six million Kenyan Shillings and it has worked for Atlas, Cake-City, Instyle, and Plumbing Doctors with high hopes of synergizing with bigger companies like Safaricom and Airtel in Kenya.
Apart from her achievements, Mulewa Ng’ang’a is a fourth year undergraduate of Strathmore University doing a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology. Agnes Ng’ang’a  believes that there is no law preventing the young ones from becoming billionaires at a young age and any woman can attain a great height without connections from a godfather.
Her target audience in her business career is predominately women and girls. She challenged them to channel the attention they give to their beauty and fame towards their education and advancement of their professional career. In a bit to walk her talk by helping girls accomplish her dreams, she offers professional mentorship.