Biography of Livinus Nosike, an Expert in the Oil and Gas Industry

Dr Livinus Nosike is the brain behind the Integrated Elvee Service Oil and Gas (IESOG), the first indigenous fully integrated petroleum geoscience training and services. The purpose of IESOG is to inundate the populace with the comprehensive know-how in Oil and Gas sector.

Livinus Nosike

Dr. Livinus Nosike, a graduate of Geology from the first indigenous University of Nigeria Nsukka gained Talent Development Scholarship Award to accomplish his quest of bringing revolution in oil sector.

He did his postgraduate studies in Europe. First, he passed through the walls of University of Pau (UPPA), France where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering and in Exploration and Reservoir Geophysics.

His hunger to gain wealth of knowledge and exposure in Oil and Gas to enable him improve the quality of lives of Nigerians through petroleum industry fueled his tenacity and determination to go for his Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) in University of Nice-Sophia, Antipolis also in France.

There, he underwent a Course in Sciences of the Earth and Universe equivalent to Earth and Planetary Sciences and graduated with best honours.

The crux of the matter is that Dr. Livinus Nosike has set up IESOG, a Petroleum Geoscience Training and Services in the city of Enugu to equip young people and to share his magnanimous knowledge to the society in order to soften the hardest nut that can’t be cracked in the petroleum sector.

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Livinus Nosike

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