BEYONCE: Biography and Photos


Beyonce is an American songstress, songwriter, record producer, dancer, business tycoon and actress born on 4th September, 1981. She was born and bred in Houston, Texas in United States and resides at Los Angeles, California, US.

She was born Beyonce Giselle Knowles to Celestine Tina Knowles and Matthew Knowles. Her mother who was a hairdresser and a salon owner is a descent of Loisaiana Creole. Beyonce’s name is a form of tribute to her maiden name “Beyince”. Her father, Matthew who was a Xerox sales manager is an African-American. Solange who is Beyonce younger sister is as well a singer and an ex-member of Destiny Child. Beyounce was brought up in a Methodist family. At St.  John’s United Methodist Church, she was a member of the choir and she performed as a soloist for two years.

As though she knew that she would become a celebrity in the music domain, Beyonce had enrolled in dance classes at her alma mater, St. Mary Montessori School in Houston to get her tools sharpened and explore her raw talents. During the dance classes, her instructor, Darlette Johnson discovered that Beyonce was endowed with a mellifluous voice that was remarkably outstanding. Beyonce’s enthusiasm in music and dance grew after she won a school talent show at a very tender age of seven. In fact, Beyonce age in music is as old as she is today. Her life in school whirled round music. Beyonce left her former school for Parker Elementary School to continue to develop herself in music. While at Park Elementary school which is a music magnet school in Houston, she performed with the school’s choir. She also attended Alief Elsik High School.


Beyonce was a member of Destiny Child, a group where her childhool friend, Kelly Rowland belonged long. She met Kelly at LaTavia Roberson where the two birds came for an audition for an all-girl entertainment group. They were placed in the same group with three other girls and named Giel’s Tyme as a group. After the breathtaking performances of the group, Arne Frager, an R&B producer brought them to his studio in Northern Northern California where he placed them in Star Search, a national TV largest talent show at that time. However, the group could not find their way to the top of the show. Later in 1995, Beyonce father quit his job to manage the group. At this time, the Girl’s Tyme faced the lots of zig-zag in its struggle to ensure its stability. Pressure was mounted on Beyonce family when the group was signed to Elektra Records and hoping that they would move to Atlanta Records to work on their first recording, the company was cut. This led to the separation of Beyonce parents.
On 5th of October, 1995, the group was signed to Dwayne Wiggins’s Grass Roots Entertainment. The Girl’s Tyme began to record their debut album in 1996 under an agreement with Sony Music. Subsequently, Knowles Family came back in unity and shortly afterwards, Columbia Records awarded the group a contract. That same, 1996, Girl’s Tyme changed their name to Destiny Child based on the scriptural passage in the Book of Isaiah. In the following year, Destiny Child dropped their major album debut song titled “Killing Time” on a Soundtrack to the film, “Men in Black”.
Beyonce walked down the aisle with her fellow musician Jay Z on April 4th 2008. Beyonce believed thatb her relationship with the American rapper, Jay Z began after she collaborated with him in a song titled “03 Bonnie & Clyde”. In the music video of the song, Beyonce acted as Jay Z’s girlfriend. On 7thJanuary, Beyonce put to bed a baby bouncing girl amidst tight security at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Two day later, the father musician, Jay Z released a song titled “Glory” dedicated to their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.
The music family is well respected across the United States. As a matter of fact, Beyonce and Jay Z have an amiable relationship with the US presidency. Their friendship with President Barrack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama is such a lovely one as both families worked hand in hand during US presidential inauguration. At the presidential inauguration, Beyonce performed “America is Beautiful”. She also performed “At Last” in the first inaugural dance at the Neighborhood Ball. Beyonce has won so many awards and recognitions that cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand. The laurels she has won are well deserved as she is an international celebrity who’s worth her weight in gold.