Beyonce And Jay Z Celebrate Their 8th Wedding Anniversary in a Sensational Way

The fourth of April, 2008 was a remarkable and red letter day for the duo legendary American singers, Beyonce and Jay Z. It was the day

they tied the knot and  since have being enjoying their marriage. Though their conjugal ceremony was done in a very secretive way but it was amazing.

Yesterday the fourth of April, 2016 the two singers went all the way to celebrate their marriage in a grand finale and renewing their love in a more appealing manner.
Beyoncé said: “Four has been my favourite number since I was a kid,” the “Drunk in Love” iconic songstress declared in her Year of 4 feature. “It’s the number of my birthday, September 4, my mother’s birthday, January 4, my husband’s birthday, December 4 and it’s the anniversary of my wedding.”