Barack Obama Belts out a song and wishes his Daughter, Malia a Happy Birthday

The US President, Barack Obama overwhelmed by his daughter’s birthday renders a song to her daughter in honour of her birthday. Coincidentally, Malia’s birthday fell on the same day America celebrated her independence which was on Monday, the 4th of July. For Barack Obama, it was a double celebration. Not allowing every single moment the occasion slip by with a striking sense of happiness and humour, Obama unleashed a hoarse yet amazing version of happy birthday song to honour her daughter.

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The party which was filled with throng of people cheered him on in agreement. US renowned rapper, Kendrick Lamar was among the guests invited to perform in the annual Fourth of July party at the White House.

Malia Obama who was locked up warmly in her father’s arm turned 18 yesterday. Among Obama’s two daughters, Malia is his first daughter and oldest child. Malia who just graduated from High School in June will commence her studies at Harvard University in 2017. She had Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monae hugged her on stage after her father sang her a Happy Birthday.

While making a speech, Obama cracked the audience ribs saying because it was the job of fathers to embrace their daughters, he had got one last job. The audience responded to the joke with clap ovation.

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