Anambra State Football Association (ASFA) Introduces “Football Made in Anambra” Set to Launch “1 Family-1 Footballer” Project in a Football Fiesta That Involves 50,000 Families

Anambra State Football Association (ASFA) under the chairmanship of Dr Ifeanyi Patrick Uba has made the public know of her plans towards installing a revolutionary football game in the state. The blueprint of how they will achieve this feat is contained in their communiqué


The association plans to fast-track the transformation of football in Anambra state through the establishment of “Football Made in Anambra” and other programmes which will facilitate tremendously in promoting grassroot football in the state. Through their communiqué, the general public is made to understand that the football competition will involve participants from over 50,000 families in the Diaspora and Anambra state. The competition is targeted towards discovering young and budding talents whose talents will be effectively harnessed by the best hands in the country through an academy that will be instituted by the association.


However, the theme of the programme is “1 Family-1 Footballer” and its aim is to identify and develop one footballer from every family in an event that will be hosted in every community within an time interval of two weeks with a lot of giveaway prizes including over 50,000 branded jerseys and footballs for participants and their families.

The programme is scheduled to attract legends both from within and outside the coast of Nigeria. This is because the association is bent towards changing the face and thinking pattern of football in the state. For the smooth running of the football association, various committees will be constituted to ensure the realization of an all-inclusive administration and vision of the Dr Uba-led administration.

The committees that will be set up include Finance, Technical, Organizing, Security, Media and Publicity, Match Appointments and Restructuring committees and they will all be headed by the members of the executive committees.
In a closing remark, the executive committee extended a warm appreciation to the Anambra state government and the entire football stakeholders for giving them their trust to champion the course of repositioning football in the state.