An Aborted Foetus Found in a Toilet of a Christian University in Benin


On Sunday, 15th of May 2016, a five months old still born was found on the floor of the toilet of a hostel in a Christian university located in Benin City. The eyesore of the aborted feotus was discovered by Sunday cleaners who came to tidy up the hostel. They however alerted the school authorities whom evacuated the aborted foetus, took it for verification before getting rid of it.

 According to one of the students of the institution, the Vice Chancellor of the school summoned the students the following day which was on Monday, the 16th of May telling them that they would be rewarded properly if they sealed their lips and not spill the beans to either their parents or social media.
He also promised to give a huge sum of N500,000.00 as a bait to make the student who committed the act to come out. Although unconfirmed but rumours have it that a Law student of the institution is suspected of the act.