AIM Mail – Free Email Service

Introduction of AIM Mail

AIM Mail is yet another free email service provider with an awesome spam protection, unlimited online storage as well as a rich and use to use web interface. However, it has no labels, message threading and smart folders but with very functional IMAP and POP access, it compensate for some of that. Interestingly, it integrates chats and social networking services. It is also referred to AOL Mail on the web.

AIM Mail

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Description of AIM Mail

  • With the use of AOL spam filtering, AIM Mail does not accept unwanted mail altogether or puts it in your Spam folder.
  • An auto-reply can be set up to notify senders how long you are away
  • It checks audibly announce new messages, automatically and filter them to folders using rules
  • It allows you to compose emails with the use of rich HTML formatting, chat as well as send SMS text messages.
  • It is a web-based email service that offers an unlimited online mail storage including POP and IMAP access.
  • It has AIM Mail Lifestream which puts updates from many social networks into it and allows you to post to these services.
  • It includes a browser-based AIM instant messaging client and a fully address book
  • You can use AIM Mail from mobile phones using Mobile, WAP, POP or IMAP Mail software which are available for certain carriers.
  • AIM Mail protects your computer’s security and privacy when blocking remote images and links in emails from unknown senders.
  • It comprises a calendar and allows you turn emails easily into to-do items or events.

Pros of AIM Mail

  • It provides unlimited online mail space for storage as well as POP or IMAP access
  • It is solid security features
  • It has efficient spam filtering which makes AIM Mail a smooth experience
  • It has rich interface which makes AIM Mail very easy to use
  • It integrates chat, calendar and social networking
  • It is a clean, friendly and usable email service
Cons of AIM Mail
  • Email search could be more effective and flexible in AIM Mail
  • It does not have smart folders, thread messages or labels
  • It does not support encryption
  • It lacks organizing talent

Visit their Website here