Abakaliki Rice: What Makes Abakaliki Rice Highly Sought After|How To Buy Abakaliki Rice

Rice is a cereal and it belongs to grass specie called Oryza glaberrima (African Rice) or Oryza Sativa (Asian Rice). Rice is one of that farm produces that is well consumed in Nigeria hence its demand in the market is quite high compared to other farm produce. Abakaliki is known in Nigeria for its Rice which is called Abakaliki Rice

Abakaliki Rice

Ever since economic recession struck Nigeria to the extent of affecting or determining what Nigerians eat and the quantity of food they eat, things have dramatically changed that the price of rice became high due to high demand. Obviously, a lot of factors precipitated by the harsh Nigerian economy led to the seemingly low rice production and its scarcity.

Abakaliki is well renowned for rice production among other local farm produce harvested in large quantity from Abakaliki soil. Abakaliki is one of the cities located in Eastern Nigeria and it is the capital of Ebonyi state. Tested and proven with evidence, it is no news that Rice is very nutritious coupled with the fact that it is salted naturally with good taste. The Rice produced in Abakaliki has rich nutritive value because of its rich rice soil.

Abakaliki Rice

Many have wondered why Abakaliki rice is most desired among other species of rice produced in different parts of Nigeria. Below are the reasons why Abakaliki Rice is highly sought-after and it will clear your doubts or make you stop to question its high preference.

What Make Abakaliki Rice  Highly Sought-After

  • Nutritional Content Is High: According to American experts who carried out research on Abakaliki Rice, Abakaliki Rice is more nutritious than the parboiled rice. It has better-quality taste and its nutritional quality stems from the moisture nature and salinity of the land of Ebonyi.
  • It’s Affordable and Cheap: Despite its superior taste, the Rice is cheap and reasonably priced. Currently, a bushel of Abakaliki rice is sold at N5,000.00. Little wonder why people from many parts of Nigeria travel down to Ebonyi to buy the rice.
  • Low Price of Abakaliki Rice In The 90’s: Precisely in the year 1971 when there was nothing like foreign rice, a bushel of Abakaliki rice was sold very cheap at the price of N10.00. This made Abakaliki Rice to be recognized till date notwithstanding the various products of foreign rice that are in the Nigerian market.
  • It’s Mostly Consumed In Nigeria: Abakaliki gained high patronage by the indigenous citizens of the country when rice importation was banned by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Owing to the fact that there was no better alternative, people from various places in Nigeria come to Ebonyi state to buy the Rice. No wonder, Ebonyi State is called the home of rice.
  • First Indigenous Industry in Ebonyi State: The first ever industry to be established by Ebonyi State after its creation in 1996 is Abakaliki Rice Mill.  Abakaliki Rice Mill became prominent as at that time because it had no contending industry in the state. The industry has remained a main avenue of revenue to Ebonyi State government.

Abakaliki Rice MillAbakaliki Rice

How To Purchase Abakaliki Rice

We have taken time to find out how one can purchase the nutritious Abakaliki rice. Below are names and addresses of some rice suppliers and dealers in Ebonyi State where one can go to buy the rice without stress.

  • Idina Out Amaka Olua Enyigba Multi-purpose Co-operative Society: Olua Enyigba, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.
  • Abakaliki Rice Mill Company: Ndiechi Igbeagu Abakaliki, Ebonyi State
  • Edda Fadama Community Association: Nwida Market Square, Edda Coomunity, Abakalii, Ebonyi State.
  • A.E Muoneke and Son Lmited: 17 Gunning Road, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State
  • Rice Mill Company Abakaliki, Ebonyi State: 4 Ogbumba Street, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State