5 Easy Ways to Create Space on Your Android Device

Is there no more space  available in your android device and you’ve got some relevant applications, videos, music, and other things you’d loved to store in your phone? Do you know that some irrelevant apps and junk files can consume a whole lot of space that should be meant for indispensable apps or videos, etc?

Android Device

Have you tried to create some space in your Android Device and you find that so difficult to do? Do not worry any more. In this article, we will show you how you can gain space in your Android device.  The first and foremost thing you need to do is to go to your phone settings and select storage.

Once you select storage, you will see the total space or storage on your device as well as the available space. When you click on the arrow of the available space, you will see the types of data occupying the most spaces and these data ranges from applications, pictures, videos, audio, downloads, cached data and miscellaneous files.

Here are the five ways to clean up and gain space in your Android Device (Smartphone or tablet)

  1. Move Photos and Videos:If you do not want to delete some old photos and videos, you have a choice to move most of your videos and photos stored in your phone to your computer if you have one and back them up. However, you can also empty the content of your memory card into your computer device. Alternatively, you can simply swap the full memory card with an empty one and make sure you keep the used memory card in a safe place where you can always retrieve it and get what you want.
  2. Clear the Cache: If you check your storage settings, you will find out that some space has been eaten up by cached data. You can delete the cached data with one click. Once you do so, you will remove data like app preferences and old searches but you won’t lose any essential data. Clearing the cache will create a lot of space in your device.
  3. Delete Unused Apps: First, you will have to take an inventory of your app drawer, carefully flipping through the screen to find out applications you no longer use. While flipping through your phone screen, you may discover that it has filled to the brim just like the physical drawer with some stuff that are useful, forgotten and assembly digital dust. There are some apps you have not used for such a long time. So, all you need to do is to purge those apps one after another. You will regain some space after clearing those applications.
  4. Evict Bloatware: Bloatware has one of the most provoking aspects of owning an Android device that is not a Nexus device. These blasted pre-installed apps of bloatwares cannot be removed except your android device is rooted. In order to save create some space; you have to roll back the app to its original version, hence expelling any updates you’ve downloaded.
  5. Root Your Phone: Finally, you can root your Android device to gain storage in your android device. There are two benefits of rooting your phone: It kills bloatware and gets instant access to Android OS updates. Though rooting has its own peculiar pros and cons but it is not a difficult task.