Love is an interesting adventure. Love is not a crime but it is stupidity to love without good reasoning capacity and sensual awareness. Love is a gift and gifts are proof of love. So, true love hardly goes without a gift that comes from the heart. Meanwhile, every gift does not symbolize love.

February always comes with a vibe of love and many want to feel it maybe so that they can tell their own stories. Unfortunately, some people ‘travel’ miles to get what they cannot afford to impress another and regret later. There are some Nigeria’s jazz music that ain’t meant for everybody even though they are good. Songs like “Chop my Money”, when you know that as a guy, you have no money one can chop. Yet you wanna prove whom you are not, you borrow money to lavish on a girl who probably doesn’t appreciate that a bit.

Another song title is “I’ll take you round the world”, but you can only afford to take her round a ‘tree’. Yet you want to display a fake luxury and make her to believe you can afford everything including the ones that ain’t necessary. Some guys need to stop acting movie and be real!

Cut your coat according to your cloth. Don’t be grandiose when loving.