I grew up with the wrong impression that nurses are wicked but I had no proof to defend such claim as I didn’t encounter nurses who treated me like that at my kindergarten age or probably I was too little to notice how wicked they were. However, people respected them and had them as friends maybe because they helped to save lives.

Initially, my intent was not to study Nursing partly due to the impression. I always had an eye to study Medicine but Nursing which is a near alternative discipline was not close to a second choice. Ironically, I consciously chose it as an option but without so much penchant for it. Finally, gained admission to study Nursing and I’m glad it was given to me.

Time and again, I have observed people telling me what they think about nurses. When they get to know you’re one;
Some would scream, hey! Nurses are wicked. They would begin to narrate an ugly experience somebody told them they had with a nurse. How wicked she was, this and that. And the next question would be; “I know you’re wicked?” And I would look surprise at the somewhat funny question. Sometimes, it is a rhetorical question.

Just like some say Doctors are pompous, some say Nurses are wicked. But are nurses really as wicked as some people accuse them to be? Is it really true that nurses are wicked? Sentiments apart, I have encountered nurses that are kind and good and I have cooperated with doctors that are humble and nice.

Anyway, in every discipline there are good, bad and ugly.