26-Year-Old Man Steals Human Brain and Uses its Fluid To Get High

On Thursday last week, a 26-year-old Joshua Long was charged to court for stealing a human brain. He soaked his weed with formaldehyde so that it would give him an extra high. His aunt found the hidden human brain inside a department store shopping bag when she was tidying up the house. She contacted the police about the human brain.

Joshua Long

According to the reports of the Police Detectives, the stolen human brain was used originally as a classroom anatomy aid.

However, it is still vague whether the human brain was in a jar or if Joshua Long was keeping storage of the loose human organ in a shopping bag and then pressing its juicy content out of it whenever he was in need of it to get high.

However, he has been arraigned in court for abuse of a human corpse and conspiracy. He is currently in jail.