2016 Gulder Ultimate Search|Gus Season 12|www.gulderultimatesearch.tv: How to Register/Apply for 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search

One of Africa’s top Television (TV) reality show, Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) is almost close. So, anytime sooner than you think, the 2016 GUS Registration form for 2016 edition of the Ultimate Search would be out for all who might be interested to participate.

Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS)

Since the GUS Season 11 in 2014, many people most especially the fans of the reality show and those who seek to participate in the reality show have almost run out of patience waiting for the long-expected Search 12 which was supposed to have been held last year (2015). Recently, rumours have been making rounds suggesting that the 2016 edition of your most favourite GUS Season 12 has drawn nearer.

Since we became aware that many people are interested in this subject matter, we took a decision to write this article is to keep you abreast of the 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search Registration.

Ever since the beginning of the TV reality Show, eleven (11) winners have emerged. The most recent winner of the reality show was Chinedu Ubachukwu, a 24-year-old indigene of Anambra state. The Television Reality Show which came on board in 2003 has made a promise to make the 2016 year edition more exciting, spectacular and thrilling compared to the years before.

The grand price for the last man standing is superb as well as attractive. It includes a brand new car and some staggering amount of money. The forms for the 2016 GUS Season twelve (12) will be out on the Official Website of GUS at http://gulderultimatesearch.tv/

Qualification Requirement for Registration of 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS)

  • To participate in the 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search Reality TV Show, applicants must:
  • Be from any form of heart disease or condition. People with heart conditions are not permitted to take part in the Gulder Ultimate Search
  • Be between ages 18 to 30. Applicants who are younger than 18 or older than 30 years would not be considered
  • Not be physically challenged or disabled
  • Not be asthmatic. Asthmatic patients are not allowed to take part in the Gulder Ultimate Search

2016 Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) Registration

In order to register for the 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search, visit the official website of the GUS Season 12 at http://gulderultimatesearch.tv/ and follow the instructions:

  • You will be expected to upload a recent passport photograph and fill in your home address, gender, date of birth and other personal information for the 2016 GUS Registration on the official website of GUS and wait.
  • Within a period of 24 hours, a qualification mail will be forwarded to the email address you supplied which would contain the terms and conditions, a referee form as well as further instructions for the Gulder Ultimate Search
  • The parents of the applicant and a well-known member of the society are to fill the referee form. Applicants shouldn’t register more than once as it would attract automatic disqualification

2016 Gulder Ultimate Search Registration: Past Events and Highlights

In addition to the 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search Registration already discussed, we wish to inform you of all the past winners as well as highlights of the reality TV show ever since the Gulder Ultimate Search began.

Gulder Ultimate Search 1 (GUS 1): It was tagged ‘The Legend of Captain Kush’. Lagos State first hosted GUS. The GUS Season 1 took place at Snake Island, Lagos State. Mr. Ezeugo Egwuagwu emerged the first winner of the reality show and carted away with Star Prize 3 Million Naira.

Gulder Ultimate Search 2 (GUS 2): Mr. Lucan Chambliss won the Star Prize of 5 Million Naira after he found ‘The Lost Helmet of General Maxmillian’. The Season 2 was hosted in Obudu Hills, Cross River State.

Gulder Ultimate Search 3 (GUS 3): NIFOR, Benin Edo State hosted The Brew Master’s Secret’. Mr. Hector Joberteh won a Ford Explorer SUV and the grand prize of 5 Million Naira

Gulder Ultimate Search 4 (GUS 4): Athletic Dominic Mudabai claimed the grand prize of GUS 4 which was titled ‘The Search for the Golden Age’. It venue was Shere Hills of Jos. Unfortunately, a contestant named Anthony Ogadje was drowned in a lake in Jos Plateau.

Gulder Ultimate Search 5 (GUS 5): The GUS Season 5 took place in the stormy hills of Agwu, Enugu. Mr. Micheal Nwachukwu discovered ‘The Lost Chronicle’. He took home a 5 million naira reward as well as brand new SUV.

Gulder Ultimate Search 6 (GUS 6): The venue of GUS 6 was the deserted Omodo Forest of Aagba, Osun State. The title of that year’s GUS was ‘The Horn of Valour’ and it was won by Uche Nwaezeapu.

Gulder Ultimate Search 7 (GUS 7): Mr. Oyekunle Oluwarem came top as the winner when the Celebrity Edition was done. The title of that year’s edition of GUS was ‘The Ultimate Hero’ and it was hosted in Omo Forest, Ogun State.

Gulder Ultimate Search 8 (GUS 8): The Kukuruku Hills, Egbetua Quarters, Akoko Edo State hosted ‘The Contest of Champions’ which was won by Christopher Okagbue.

Gulder Ultimate Search 9 (GUS 9): ‘The Gatekeeper’s Fortune’ was the title of GUS Season 9. Pascal Eronmose emerged as the winner. It took place in Usaka, Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom state and had Laszlo Bene as its American Director/Producer.

Gulder Ultimate Search 10 (GUS 10): It was done in the Forest of Usaka, Akwa Ibom state. Denis Okike emerged came victorious as he found ‘The Tenth Symbol’ and he was rewarded with 10 million naira and a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero.

Gulder Ultimate Search 11 (GUS 11): It happened live in Aguleri Forest in Anambra State. Chinedu Ubachukwu found ‘The General’s Helmet’ and he won for himself 10 million naira and a brand new Ford Explorer SUV.

How to Watch the 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search Reality Show Season 12

The 2016 Gulder Ultimate Search reality show begins by 10pm daily on the following Television Channels:

  • TV3
  • Wap TV
  • AIT
  • Ebony Life TV
  • GET TV
  • Galaxy TV
  • NTA
  • Minaj TV
  • African Magic
  • Silverbird
  • Nigerzie